Benefits of Pay Per Click

What are the benefits of PPC

The Benefits of PAY PER CLICK

  • Small initial investment. The search engines don’t charge a fee to place or run your ad. You only pay for the users that click thru on the ad.
  • Realistic for all businesses, regardless of size. Pay-per-Click campaigns can create a level playing field for small businesses, particularly if your campaign research results in the right keywords. With the right campaign management, your ad placement might be right above or below a larger competitor or national chain. This effectively puts you in a good competitive position without having to substantially out bid the larger advertiser.
  • Immediate results. The research, set up and implementation cycle of pay-per-click campaigns can take place in just a few days, as opposed to natural search engine rankings which require weeks or months to gain desired rankings. Pay-per-click campaign results are immediate: the day your ad is placed – the clicks to your website begin!
  • Real-time tracking. Metrics such as: effectiveness of keywords and phrases, per ad traffic generated, per ad conversions, and many more measurements provide campaign managers with the data to alter campaigns almost in real-time. This allows you to respond very quickly to either good or bad performing ads. And unlike a printed piece or mailer, the lag time to judging ad effectiveness is hours not days. And modifying an ad can be accomplished in minutes.
  • Targeted traffic. Print and traditional media generally reach a mass audience; it is difficult to target your message. Pay-per-click campaigns utilizing geo-targeting, effective keyword research and demographic site selection allows you to target your viewing audience much more precisely. Thus, pre-qualifying your customers to a far greater degree before they ever land on your website.
  • Branding. Top placement on Google, Yahoo or MSN has proven to be a very effective branding method.

The Advantages of using The Info Group

  • Experience. The Info Group has successfully managed pay-per-click campaigns since the inception of the business model in 1998. This broad experience translates into effective processes and methods we utilize to create and deliver campaign results which are realistic and meet marketing goals.
  • Understanding. The search engine publishers (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc) provide a fairly easy process to begin and operate a pay-per-click campaign: create an account and fund it, choose some keywords, create an ad and start your campaign! It is also a recipe for quickly burning thru your marketing funds without achieving any respective return on investment. An fact, most pay-per-click participants can’t begin to understand how to derive their ROI. It is much more difficult to manage an effective pay-per-click campaign. An effective campaign includes building realistic goals, the technical campaign which will meet those goals, operating the processes during the campaign to ensure success which is measured and targeted and adaptable. Some of the operating questions a campaign deals with include: What is the nature of my click-thru rate? Are they robots or human? Why should I care? What is the behavior of the visitor once they land on my site? What can be done to improve my click-thru rate, but more importantly, my conversion rate? The Info Group understands the intricacies of managing a successful campaign from creation to conversion.