Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Harnessing the large volume of internet traffic and funneling the most qualified visitors to your website requires a skilled search engine marketer.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM includes a number of channels which are used to promote a website on the internet.

These channels include (but aren’t limited to):

The Info Group employs some of the world’s leading search engine marketing specialists. We have successfully helped online businesses, from the Fortune 1000 to smaller growing companies, meet their online marketing ROI goals.

Search Engine Marketing Benefits

There are many benefits to a well implemented SEM marketing plan.

  • Instant targeted traffic – With PPC your business can begin receiving targeted traffic to your website within minutes of launch.
  • Flexibility – Launching a new product line? Running a sale for a period of time? Looking to take advantage of a news event or local happening? All of these efforts can be supplemented by an effective pay per click campaign. You can turn it on or turn if off at any time, schedule it to run during certain time periods, target geographically or demographically or any number of other flexible options that traditional advertising just can’t offer.
  • Connect to customers a variety of ways. – From searchers using Google to banner display ads on CNN to mobile phone click to call ads to social media outlets like Facebook, you can now connect to customers like never before.

Why an SEM Company?

Although search marketing outlets like Google have made it easy to open an account with them, they’ve also made it easy to spend money without great results. Our team of search marketing professionals have been working paid search campaigns since the launch of in 1998, one of the earliest ppc advertising programs.  Combine that with our 10+ years of organic search engine optimization experience and you’ve got a wealth of talent available to you. This experience will not only manage your online spend effectively but be proactive in recommending changes or making you aware of new products and services search marketing and social outlets release.

Dallas SEM Services

The Info Group targets customers in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex for a reason, we want to be able to maintain a one on one relationship without having to jump on a plane or fire up a web conference. If you need to meet with us, we’re only minutes away, not days.