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Boost Your SEO with Good Social Media BUT We’re Not Sure How

socialmediaseoA lot has been made of the impact of social media and how that impacts SEO and eventually organic search rankings.  The truth is they do go hand in hand it’s just that nobody understands exactly how.  If they say they do they are probably willing to sell you some swamp land in New Jersey.  This article takes a look at some things to consider when using social media and seo to market your company.

Math SEO?

math-chalkboardMath Geeks Unite, you will soon have a search engine to make it easy for you to search for specific references to a particular expression or equation. Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology have created an enhancement to traditional search engines that will make searching for mathematical expressions as easy as searching for text.

Currently search engines like Google have very little built into their algorithms that allow mathematicians to conduct in-depth searches but with a beta version in testing the math search landscape will soon be changing.

I wonder if there will be a market for Math SEO soon?  Read the story here.

What Will Google Look Like in the Future?

Google Beta ScreenshotWhen Google was launched in 1998 it was not the first search engine but it brought about a revolutionary change to the way search engines delivered results and how search engines looked. Today almost every major search engine delivers results in about the same way and by the same technique which is to simply enter a search term and click the search button and get a result.

While this technique has gotten us to this point the internet is now so mainstream and devices that access it are not all desktop computers so the need to change the way we search is growing as well.

I do not have a PHD in computer science and don’t pretend to know how everything works but it does make sense to me that search will evolve to include speech, eyesight, and probably smell as well. Add to that the ability to not just answer questions but be proactive and provide suggestions or data that is helpful depending on the time of day or task at hand and you might have a vision of the search engine of tomorrow.

Again I am by no means a search engine wizard but this post does a good job of giving insight into the future of search engines and it references Stefan Weitz and his new book Search: How the Data Explosion Makes us Smarter and he is a genius when it comes to search engines.

Mobile SEO Best Practices

Mobile Website SEOThere is no doubt online use by mobile devices is on the rise and will sooner rather than later be the way most people access the net.  With that knowledge it should be abundantly clear to any business owner their website must be mobile friendly.  The easiest path is to build a responsive site.  This allow for access by many devices and yet can be managed through a single point.  Building a separate mobile only site is certainly an option if you want something quick and easy but moving forward one must then manage two versions of the website and thus double the work when changes need to be made. However if you opt to go with a mobile version of your website here is good article on SEO best practices to help you increase your visibility online.

Is Google Going to Give It Up?

German justice minister Heiko Maas is asking Google to reveal their algorithm in the interests of consumer protection. Hey it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? Of course it is probably real safe to assume Google will not give up their algorithm after all it is the heartbeat of the company and right next to the Colonels secret recipe probably one of the most guarded secrets in the universe. Ok maybe after aliens living in Roswell but that’s a different story.

Read more here.