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What Will Google Look Like in the Future?

Google Beta ScreenshotWhen Google was launched in 1998 it was not the first search engine but it brought about a revolutionary change to the way search engines delivered results and how search engines looked. Today almost every major search engine delivers results in about the same way and by the same technique which is to simply enter a search term and click the search button and get a result.

While this technique has gotten us to this point the internet is now so mainstream and devices that access it are not all desktop computers so the need to change the way we search is growing as well.

I do not have a PHD in computer science and don’t pretend to know how everything works but it does make sense to me that search will evolve to include speech, eyesight, and probably smell as well. Add to that the ability to not just answer questions but be proactive and provide suggestions or data that is helpful depending on the time of day or task at hand and you might have a vision of the search engine of tomorrow.

Again I am by no means a search engine wizard but this post does a good job of giving insight into the future of search engines and it references Stefan Weitz and his new book Search: How the Data Explosion Makes us Smarter and he is a genius when it comes to search engines.

Mobile Advertising on Track to Become 4th Largest Ad Medium

Mobile AdvertisingMany people who claim to be in the know had no clue 5 years ago just how fast mobile advertising would grow and how big it would become.  I remember talking to a local “expert” who threw all kinds of numbers out to me proving mobile had too high of obstacles to overcome to even be a competitive ad platform in 5 years.

Now I won’t say I knew he was wrong at the time but not long after that conversation I do remember sitting in a clients office trying to convince him of the need to have a mobile strategy.  And now it appears I was more on track than the so-called expert was.

This post came out earlier this week that gives more detail to the state of mobile advertising today and moving forward.  Enjoy.

We know mobile advertising, give us a call to learn more about what mobile can do for you.

PPC Does Not Equal Marketing

Successful Pay Per Click PPC ManagementReally good post on how much impact product feeds and automated ad generation has had on the marketing side of paid search.  Full on disclaimer here, we don’t subscribe to the one ad fits all instead we believe ppc ads should target, engage and deliver results.  Contact us today to talk about your pay per click campaign needs.

A $50,000 Digital Media Budget?

Digital Marketing BudgetStaples is helping small businesses everywhere, at least the one that wins their “Staples Push It Forward Contest“.  $50,000 in a digital media budget goes to the winner of the contest.  Not a bad budget to promote your business.

Google Goes Back In Time with Enhanced Campaigns

Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns
In response to the ever expanding world of devices and how behavior has changed (we now use multiple devices during the day), Google has rolled out their new Enhanced Campaigns. This is their answer to delivering the right result to the right person at the right time, right? Well the first thought I had was, ok, we’ve gone back in time when every campaign was delivered to every device unless you knew that you could customize the delivery under advanced settings. However after trying to setup a new campaign that needed to send visitors to two different landing pages depending on device I found a small glitch. Google has not addressed two url’s in the new Enhanced ads. Sure you can check the mobile box during ad creation and your ads will be delivered to mobile devices only (or so they say, more on that in a bit) but you cannot then specify a different landing page for the mobile only ads. In essence you have to create a seperate set of ad groups that are mobile only. Hmm, isn’t this what you had to do in the old (Legacy) version? Yes it is.

I found all of this out during a chat with Google Help and was assured changes are on the way to address two urls in the Enhanced campaigns, my question is why wasn’t that part of the initial rollout? I mean Google has been all about mobile for several years now, heck you can hardly find a Adwords blog post or webinar that doesn’t reference mobile usage and all of the exciting new features Google is adding to address it. So how did this initial roll out not include the ability to send traffic to seperate mobile and desktop landing pages without creating seperate adgroups? Makes no sense to me.

There was another issue that arose which my Google rep could not answer with a definite yes or no. The issue was if you check the mobile box during ad creation will ALL of the traffic coming from that ad be mobile only and vice versa, if the box is unchecked will all of that traffic be desktop only? Probably best to just let you read the transcript from the chat. Please note the dance around the definitive yes or no answer.

me 5:17 PM
so when i create a mobile only adgroup do i need to check the mobile box during ad creation to ensure those ads go only to mobile traffic?
Jamie A 5:18 PM
I would – it’s always good the system more information.
me 5:18 PM
will the mobile ads still go to desktop as well?
Jamie A 5:19 PM
Not if you check the box.
So, yes, you should.
me 5:20 PM
ok, to be clear, with the mobile box checked those ads are only delivered to mobile, with the mobile box unchecked those ads are only delivered to desktop
Jamie A 5:20 PM
That’s the aim.
me 5:21 PM
aim is not a definite yes or no .. please tell me i won’t be sending desktop traffic to a mobile page
Jamie A 5:23 PM
You check the box so as to indicate to the system that those ads should be served to people on mobile, not desktop.
me 5:24 PM
ok, you don’t sound convinced the system works but I have no choice i guess
Jamie A 5:25 PM
Our system is extremely accurate. I have the utmost confidence.
I really wouldn’t worry about it.
Is there anything else I can help you out with today?

The net is this, I expect Google to work all of this out and the new Enhanced campaigns will make it easier to setup and manage Adwords campaigns.