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JLo Launched Goo Gle Images?

42nd Annual Grammy Awards - PressroomSo a dress worn by Jennifer Lopez is the inspiration behind Google Images?  Apparently so according to this story out today.  Who knew JLo could inspire a product that didn’t involve a shimmy, a bass line or a melody?

Online Comments Soon to be Extinct?

commentsWhile it is hard to imagine online commenting on specific websites will totally go away, ever, it is easy to buy the argument that allowing people to comment on your content via your social media outlets is a more current way of doing business.  And that is exactly why Re/code announced it is shuttering comments on their website and instead directing users to comment via their social outlets.  They are not the first but instead one of many headed down this road.  Others include Reuters, Popular Science and the Chicago Sun-Times.  My initial takeaway from this is positive with one exception, you have limited editorial control over comments.  Meaning some social outlets will let a user scream and shout profanity laced comments without any way of answering or simply deleting them.  Why delete them?  Well if your corporate tone is such that a comment laced with references to your mother, monkeys and sex would not make it on your site than you would be out of luck on some social media sites.

Interesting move and an interesting story to say the least.  We will see where it goes.  BTW comments are turned off here.



Do We Really Care About Privacy?

Do you care about your online privacy?Bring up the N.S.A. in any conversation and suddenly the room buzzes with opinions right and left on how much of our privacy the government should be allowed to intrude on.  In the same conversation bring up Google, Bing, Apple or Amazon and the conversation will probably shift to how bad Google results are or how annoying Amazon’s constant marketing to you is or something other than privacy which is funny because these companies and many others just like them invade our privacy much more than the government and we really don’t care unless that information is shared with the government.  That’s irony, right.

So this goes to the bigger question, do we really care about our privacy?  I’ve got to admit I think I’m at the point in my life that there is nothing the government or corporations don’t already know about me.  I mean I’ve been filling out questionnaires, forms, and about every type of information gather device known to man for 45+ years now.  What information besides name, age, social security number, drivers license number, address(s), phone number(s), etc could I provide today that I haven’t provided multiple times over the last 45 years?  Probably none and you don’t think that information is in multiple databases?  I think it is and thus I’m not sure any part of my life data is new so what kind of privacy can I expect?  Probably very little when it comes to marketing or online life or even worse smartphone use.

So the reason I started this post in the first place was in response to an article on, read and enjoy!


Don’t Like What Someone Said About You Online? You Might Be Able to Get it Removed!

Online Privacy VS Freedom of SpeechSo Google lost a ruling in Europe that deals with links to embarrassing material about an individuals past and will have to begin removing those links in their index.  But is the argument of free speech versus online privacy what really is in play here?  It will be interesting to see how this shakes out and I’m sure more than a few lawyers will make some money over this but hey freedom to make money is not on trial.  Read the article here.

Google Same-Day Delivery Crawls to a Halt in NYC

Google Brings Its Same Day Delivery Service To Los AngelesYes, Google has gotten into the delivery service.  No, it should not be a surprise to anyone that they have.  Google has shown time and again over the years they are much more than a search engine company and to that end they have been testing same day delivery of items from big box retailers like Target and Walgreens in Los Angeles since last year.  Unfortunately their initial test run in New York City didn’t fare too well as the system became overloaded and was shut down by noon.  Well don’t expect that to stop them from moving on.  I suspect as in every other venture they try, Google will look at the data, find the flaws and look for solutions to improve.

Read more here.