JLo Launched Goo Gle Images?

42nd Annual Grammy Awards - PressroomSo a dress worn by Jennifer Lopez is the inspiration behind Google Images?  Apparently so according to this story out today.  Who knew JLo could inspire a product that didn’t involve a shimmy, a bass line or a melody?

Math SEO?

math-chalkboardMath Geeks Unite, you will soon have a search engine to make it easy for you to search for specific references to a particular expression or equation. Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology have created an enhancement to traditional search engines that will make searching for mathematical expressions as easy as searching for text.

Currently search engines like Google have very little built into their algorithms that allow mathematicians to conduct in-depth searches but with a beta version in testing the math search landscape will soon be changing.

I wonder if there will be a market for Math SEO soon?  Read the story here.

What Will Google Look Like in the Future?

Google Beta ScreenshotWhen Google was launched in 1998 it was not the first search engine but it brought about a revolutionary change to the way search engines delivered results and how search engines looked. Today almost every major search engine delivers results in about the same way and by the same technique which is to simply enter a search term and click the search button and get a result.

While this technique has gotten us to this point the internet is now so mainstream and devices that access it are not all desktop computers so the need to change the way we search is growing as well.

I do not have a PHD in computer science and don’t pretend to know how everything works but it does make sense to me that search will evolve to include speech, eyesight, and probably smell as well. Add to that the ability to not just answer questions but be proactive and provide suggestions or data that is helpful depending on the time of day or task at hand and you might have a vision of the search engine of tomorrow.

Again I am by no means a search engine wizard but this post does a good job of giving insight into the future of search engines and it references Stefan Weitz and his new book Search: How the Data Explosion Makes us Smarter and he is a genius when it comes to search engines.

Happy 2015!

Happy 2015! Enjoy a bit of classic Alice In Chains from 1992 NYE.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to everyone and all the best in 2015.  Please enjoy a little Christmas harmonica!